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Blending letterpress and offset

Found this in the archives of AIGA.  

Shout Radio

Werner Design Werks Inc.Saint Paul, Minnesota2006


Shout Radio wanted to communicate their originality and commitment to radio. They needed to stand out from the crowd and show that radio is an exciting and viable advertising medium. We called on radio’s iconic history: we caricatured the owners as amiable vacuum tubes, printed various radio dials on multicolored letterhead (reminiscent of Hollywood revision pages), and designed an “Ooh, what’s this?” CD mailing package. Perforated business cards double the exposure but claim singular wallet space. Materials and font choices prove at once familiar and all new.


Art director: Sharon Werner
Printing method: Offset, letterpress
Paper: Various
Client: Shout Radio

Juror Notes

“Smart application of a traditional concept—a standout piece!”
“Every piece is different but it all hangs together really well.”

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