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Letterpress thank you cards

Jason Hammerberg of Hammer Made ordered these thank you cards for his boutique in Edina.  Simple, elegant, and letterpress are words that come to mind when viewing the finished product.

Simple thank you for Hammer Made.  Run on our Kluge automatic letterpress, black ink on 165# Classic Crest Avon White Cover stock.

You can see the impression on the back side of this card.  Nothing says quality like printing you can feel.

Gold ink on type

Thought you might enjoy some metallic gold ink on 30 point Goudy Handtooled type.  We still hand set type to your specifications!  Call us on your next project.

Mr Fixit business cards

Gotta love the non-contemporary slant of Mr. Fixit and the tagline of 'most anything non-digital'.  Makes us laugh out loud around here.

Want some cards that will help you differentiate between you and the Vister Print users of the world?  Call us!