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7,000 letterpress business cards for Canopy

Made these fantastic letterpress business cards for Canopy last week.  They have the worlds first touch sensitive case for the iPhone and were headed to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  We handmade 7,000 business cards on 80# Strathmore Ultimate White Cover and duplexed them.  Check out the results!  Thanks to Eric Melzer, Joel Vaughan and the whole staff at Canopy!  Good luck at the show!

Canopy business cards on 80# Strathmore Ultimate White Cover, duplexed.
Plate prior to running.

Plate for the back side of the cards covered in ink!


A small sample of boxes containing the 7,000 letterpress cards we made for Canopy! 
Eric Melzer of Canopy picks up his cards.

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