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Spyhouse coffee letterpress block

Got to love the Spyhouse Coffee Letterpress cut shown here.  We recently ran their coffee bags for the new location on Central and Broadway in Nordeast.  Where did I put that picture of those things.....

Spyhouse Coffee letterpress block.
2 sided letterpress business card for Spyhouse using Pantone Black #4, offset printing for contact info with screens, duplexed, and then die cut for the four rounded corners.
Spyhouse head roaster Tony Querio busy at his craft.

Letterpress coffee bags printed by Rex Mills.

Square Letterpress business cards on 220# Letra

We here at Wayzata Press get to print all kinds of letterpress projects.  This one was a 3x3 square business card on 220# Letra for Paul Mikunda.  Check out the texture on this paper!  It's unreal!

Letterpress restaurant gift certificates

Letterpress Tilia gift certificates were numbered with Rubin Red and perforated on our Kluge Automatic.
We made three passes on theses gift certificates for Tilia made of 67# Tan Vellum Bristol.  Once digitally to put down the black ink and the body on the ink on our Konica Minolta machine.  Then a second pass on the Kluge Automatic Letterpress to perforate the certificates, and a final pass on our C&P letterpress affectionately knows as Big Bertha for the numbering in Rubin Red.

Minnesota Newspaper Printing

Wayzata Press holds a minority share of a newspaper printing plant. Please contact us to bid your recurring newspaper printing!

Iowa Newspaper -- Leon Journal Reporter.

Letterpress custom shopping/gift bags

We custom print a variety of custom gift and shopping bags for clients all over the nation from our Wayzata Press. Shown here is a navy blue bag with a metallic gold ink being run on Big Bertha.

Hand mixing ink

Ink is an important part of the letterpress and printing process here at Wayzata Press.  We exact match Pantone colors in two different ways depending on the client.  If it's a one time job with little chance for a re-run, we hand mix the ink to exacting tolerances.  If the client is likely to run more than one job, we buy the ink premixed in large quantities and keep it on the shelf.  Contact us today for your project.

Starting with process yellow from Mallard Ink Company in this case.

Adding blue to the yellow in measure portions.

Blue ink.

What was that ziplock commercial?  Yellow and blue make green?

Now we are getting somewhere.

Ready to go!

Pantone Matching Labels

Danish Teak Classics had us run these great 2" self adhesive labels for their shop.  Yes, we know it's not letterpress and rather offset printing, but these were too colorful not to include on our blog here.  We ran these with our AB Dick 9890 with Pantone 485 on an uncoated label sheet.

Need Pantone Matching Labels?  We can accomodate just about any size under the sun, and any color.  Will call at our location or ship nationwide.  Call Rex Mills for a complimentary quote.

Unique letterpress business card: wallpaper backed, foil stamped 3 color on 24pt blotter stock

These cards for Neighbor are on 24 pt blotter stock, have 3 passes on our lettepress machines, and used vintage wallpaper from the 1960's and 1970's on the back with a gold foil stamp.  Both parts are duplexed together.  These cards received our FUNKY FRESH award for design!  

Blending letterpress and offset

Found this in the archives of AIGA.  

Shout Radio

Werner Design Werks Inc.Saint Paul, Minnesota2006


Shout Radio wanted to communicate their originality and commitment to radio. They needed to stand out from the crowd and show that radio is an exciting and viable advertising medium. We called on radio’s iconic history: we caricatured the owners as amiable vacuum tubes, printed various radio dials on multicolored letterhead (reminiscent of Hollywood revision pages), and designed an “Ooh, what’s this?” CD mailing package. Perforated business cards double the exposure but claim singular wallet space. Materials and font choices prove at once familiar and all new.


Art director: Sharon Werner
Printing method: Offset, letterpress
Paper: Various
Client: Shout Radio

Juror Notes

“Smart application of a traditional concept—a standout piece!”
“Every piece is different but it all hangs together really well.”

Letterpress thank you cards

Jason Hammerberg of Hammer Made ordered these thank you cards for his boutique in Edina.  Simple, elegant, and letterpress are words that come to mind when viewing the finished product.

Simple thank you for Hammer Made.  Run on our Kluge automatic letterpress, black ink on 165# Classic Crest Avon White Cover stock.

You can see the impression on the back side of this card.  Nothing says quality like printing you can feel.

Gold ink on type

Thought you might enjoy some metallic gold ink on 30 point Goudy Handtooled type.  We still hand set type to your specifications!  Call us on your next project.

Mr Fixit business cards

Gotta love the non-contemporary slant of Mr. Fixit and the tagline of 'most anything non-digital'.  Makes us laugh out loud around here.

Want some cards that will help you differentiate between you and the Vister Print users of the world?  Call us!

Happy Memorial Day / Holiday Hours

We here at Rex Mills Printing would like to wish you a very Happy Memorial Day. The shop will be closed on Monday, the 27th of May in observance of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to our great Nation. We hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Firkens business cards

The Four Firkens business cards
Jason Alvey and designer Kirsten Wedes came to us for these elegant and timeless cards for The Four Firkens.  They were letterpressed with Pantone color 574 on Strathmore Wove 100# Natural White Cover. Cheers!

Lilac Letterpress Wedding Invitations

We just ran these beautiful wedding invitations for Ashley Dee on 110# Pearl White Lettra.  The design is courtesy of Ashley's sister Amanda.  They turned out great!  Have a wedding invitation you want us to look at printing?  We would be happy to help you too!

New press day

While it's not a letterpress printing press, we here at Rex Mills are always excited to get a new piece of hardware.  In this case, It's a AB Dick 9890 offset printing press.  We had to take the front door and the first window off the building to get it inside.  We are hoping to get it fired up shortly for a pending repeat job!  Temperature when we got started this morning--about 4 above.

Letterpress chipboard business cards

Business cards on 24 point chipboard with a blind hit and a hit in black for contact info.
Here at Rex Mills Printing, we are on top of all the latest and greatest trends--due to all of the great graphic designers we work with.  One group we work with nationwide is Ocupop.  These business cards are hot off the Kluge automatic press.  I love how the natural light from the shop windows makes the blind hit pop out on the card.

Chipboard is a very earth-friendly choice--typically it's recycled paper.  We just had our first request for letterpress chipboard wedding invitations--it's all the rage right now!  Order your chipboard letterpress business cards today--we can ship them nationwide!  Just call (612) 333-8000!

7,000 letterpress business cards for Canopy

Made these fantastic letterpress business cards for Canopy last week.  They have the worlds first touch sensitive case for the iPhone and were headed to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  We handmade 7,000 business cards on 80# Strathmore Ultimate White Cover and duplexed them.  Check out the results!  Thanks to Eric Melzer, Joel Vaughan and the whole staff at Canopy!  Good luck at the show!

Canopy business cards on 80# Strathmore Ultimate White Cover, duplexed.
Plate prior to running.

Plate for the back side of the cards covered in ink!


A small sample of boxes containing the 7,000 letterpress cards we made for Canopy! 
Eric Melzer of Canopy picks up his cards.