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Happy 4th of July / Holiday Schedule

Gone Fishing! Happy 4th of July!
Rex Mills Printing will be closed Wednesday July 4th, Thursday July 5th, and Friday July 6th.  Have a safe and happy holiday!

Blind letterpress wedding suite

Elizabeth Seefeldt contracted with us recently to create her wedding invitation package--a four piece suite on Crane Lettra 220# fluorescent white paper.  Elizabeth is a graphic designer with The Steinhauser Group, and she did a fantastic job putting these together.

Elizabeth initially emailed us a copy of her inspiration and artwork.  After she approved the project, we ordered her plates and cut them apart so we could start to print the job.
Plates made from artwork prior to trimming.
We spent quite a bit of time with Elizabeth making sure that the colors she picked for the accented information were just right--particularly the pink.  Finding the right shade made the invites all that much better and was fun!

The blind letterpress wedding package.
The invite and the reception cards.
Thank you cards from Mr. & Mrs. Kimble to be used after the wedding.

Modern twist on the traditional invite

Antonia Maistrova brought this fantastic letterpress wedding invitation suite design recently--and it knocked our socks off.  It was a challenging and fun job to work on.

Antonia's wedding invites in production.
RSVP in the foreground, invitation in the background.
Matching the Pantone colors.
Running the job on our Chandler & Price press!
Up close as we print.

On / Off Switch

Not sure why this caught my attention, but I like it and wanted to share it with you.  This is the on / off switch for our 14 x 22 Chandler and Price press that we affectionately call "Big Bertha'.  Stop over at Wayzata Press the next time you are in the neighborhood and check it out.

A radio station personality I enjoy states that he doesn't have one of these.  That's fine, but we here at Wayzata Press do have a switch.

Manual Motor Starter switch by the Arrow-Hart & Hegeman Elec. Co.  Hartford, Conn.  U.S.A.