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Risograph Duplicator Printing in Minneapolis / RISO RP 3500UI

Just picked up this little Riso Duplicator from Breezy Point Resort in Breezy Point, MN.  They used it for many years to produce a newsletter.

We here at Rex Mills Printing dove into the machine, cleaned the drums and were instantly charmed by the simplicity of one color prints combined with speeds of 120 pages per minute.

Need Risograph Duplicator Printing?  Call Wayzata Press today!

Wayzata Press now offers Risograph duplicating!

Local artist Paul Mikunda prints and sells greeting cards

Paul Mikunda shows off his cards while Jim the pressman gives him the rabbit
Paul Mikunda stopped in our shop a couple of months ago with some of his paintings of scenes from Minneapolis.  After conversing for a while to understand Paul's needs, we came up with a greeting card and poster program to help him monetize his art.

With a smile and an ability to talk with people Paul has been able to sell thousands of cards in a short period of time, and continues to seek reprints from time to time.  Check out his work at  (Sorry about the rabbit ears Paul!)

Letterpress plates

Letterpress plates for an upcoming job.  
These lettepress plates are on our composing stone waiting to be used in our next tasty letterpress project.  The light and pattern caught my eye and I thought you might be interested in seeing it.

Letterpress Christmas Card for Knock

This Christmas card for knock was a fun and challenging project.  We used Lettra 110# flourescent white paper, applied a lovely light blue ink (customer supplied Pantone color) with our offset pressed and then letterpressed the blind areas in the artwork.  The cards were two sided, and duplexed together.  They turned out beautifully.

Big Bertha in motion

Pictured here is 40 year press operator Jim K. running our 14x22 Chandler & Price letterpress.  Check out the motion on the shot from leaving open the shutter on the camera!

Hybrid business cards

Sherry Sivo of asked us to put together a business card that had elements of the artwork she had designed for her blog and combine it with the look and feel of letterpress printing.  The results are a high quality photograph printed digitally on Classic Crest Solar White 110# Cardstock with her contact info set in several variations of Goudy Oldstyle type in a hand mixed Pantone 3435 uncoated green ink.  It's a perfect blend of old and new school printing applications.

Happy 4th of July / Holiday Schedule

Gone Fishing! Happy 4th of July!
Rex Mills Printing will be closed Wednesday July 4th, Thursday July 5th, and Friday July 6th.  Have a safe and happy holiday!

Blind letterpress wedding suite

Elizabeth Seefeldt contracted with us recently to create her wedding invitation package--a four piece suite on Crane Lettra 220# fluorescent white paper.  Elizabeth is a graphic designer with The Steinhauser Group, and she did a fantastic job putting these together.

Elizabeth initially emailed us a copy of her inspiration and artwork.  After she approved the project, we ordered her plates and cut them apart so we could start to print the job.
Plates made from artwork prior to trimming.
We spent quite a bit of time with Elizabeth making sure that the colors she picked for the accented information were just right--particularly the pink.  Finding the right shade made the invites all that much better and was fun!

The blind letterpress wedding package.
The invite and the reception cards.
Thank you cards from Mr. & Mrs. Kimble to be used after the wedding.

Modern twist on the traditional invite

Antonia Maistrova brought this fantastic letterpress wedding invitation suite design recently--and it knocked our socks off.  It was a challenging and fun job to work on.

Antonia's wedding invites in production.
RSVP in the foreground, invitation in the background.
Matching the Pantone colors.
Running the job on our Chandler & Price press!
Up close as we print.

On / Off Switch

Not sure why this caught my attention, but I like it and wanted to share it with you.  This is the on / off switch for our 14 x 22 Chandler and Price press that we affectionately call "Big Bertha'.  Stop over at Wayzata Press the next time you are in the neighborhood and check it out.

A radio station personality I enjoy states that he doesn't have one of these.  That's fine, but we here at Wayzata Press do have a switch.

Manual Motor Starter switch by the Arrow-Hart & Hegeman Elec. Co.  Hartford, Conn.  U.S.A.

Elegant simplicity wedding invite

It's a rainy Thursday before Memorial Day weekend here at Rex Mills Printing, and we are working on an elegant yet simple wedding invite for the Novak & Carlstrom wedding.

Getting ready to make the invites.

Centerizing and color matching the Novak / Carlstrom letterpress wedding invitation. 
Many thanks to designer Noah Carlstrom at Carmichael Lynch who put together this fantastic design for his brother Jonah.  We had Noah's design made into multiple magnesium dies and used Pantone color 295 (a very dark navy blue) to provide a high contrast to the soft paper.

Letterpress invite.

Pressman's 5th best friend and a great pick-me-up to keep the rainy day slow down away.  
The bride and groom chose three separate pieces in this case: wedding invite, an RSVP card, and a reception card.  We printed this on Lettra Pearl White 110# paper from Crane.  The finished product was a very traditional and timeless wedding package.

Magnesium plates on the composing stone after the job has been run.

Please join for a reception.

All finished!  

Hand set type business cards

Our landlord was in about a week ago and needed some business cards quickly for a convention in Vegas with other commercial real estate developers.  We set John up with some Lettra Pearl White 110# paper and a dark blue justified to the right for a twist from the norm.

We got to have some fun setting some type after John went through our cases of type looking for just the right sans-serif font to make these cards.  A quick press proof, and we were running these through on our small C&P press and helping John make connections in the world of real estate.

Hand set type business cards using Lettra 110# pearl white and copperplate gothic bold.

Letterpress Minneapolis

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Type set up at the shop waiting to be place in a chase and run on our presses.
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